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The C4G RTN Advantage:

  • Map of coverage areaThe Louisiana Spatial Reference Center operated by LSU's Center for GeoInformatics built a statewide GNSS infrastructure that provides 24/7 direct connection to the National Spatial Reference System.
  • LSU's C4G Real Time Network is the only real-time network in the state that meets new standards (draft) developed by National Geodetic Survey and FEMA.
  • The C4G RTN provides VRS correctors developed by Trimble. Did you know that Trimble, using its extensive experience, invented VRS technology? Only the C4G RTN offers Louisiana true VRS solutions.
  • The C4G RTN is based on a real RTK network technology; not just a handful of loosely linked reference stations. Our networking process ensures best quality, location independent correction data.
  • C4G owns, maintains and supports its own network of reference stations, ensuring consistent performance, quality data and reliable performance. Other networks lease, borrow and share their network data making it very difficult to trust the quality of the data that you are receiving.
  • C4G monitors all stations in the network using state-of-the-art geodetic technologies including Trimble Integrity Manager™.
  • C4G Real Time Network is monitored 24/7 to insure that performance and network stability are measured and maintained. Other networks using shared equipment cannot perform this level of quality control.
  • C4G Real Time Network has redundancy built into the network assuring data connectivity and consistency you can rely on.
  • LSU C4G is not-for-profit. All funds generated by C4G Real-time Network are used to maintain the State’s only reliable geodetic infrastructure supporting surveying and the CORS network. Without this backbone, surveyors, engineers, bankers, insurers, floodplain managers, and consumers will have NO reliable vertical control.

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