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July 9th, 2008

“We have cut our surveying time on several projects by as much as 70%; thus allowing our crews to do more projects; thus increasing company profits… We are certainly pleased and appreciate the technical support and service that we’ve received from you and the LSU Center …”

Gary from Ferriday, Louisiana
August 20th, 2009

“GPS as never been so easy. I’ve been in the business of surveying for 30 years… If you’re interested in the “bottom line” for your business, you can’t go wrong with GULFNET … Try GULFNET you won’t regret it ever; in fact, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.”

Royce from Livingston, Louisiana
November 16th, 2009

"The customer service that you provided was excellent. You provided all of the necessary connection data in a timely manner. When my survey crew arrived on our site in New Orleans they were able to connect without any problems. I had them check into two NGS monuments and the accuracy results were within our tolerance. I have to say our experience using your network was excellent and I would definitely recommend it to other surveyors."

Roger from Bentonville, Arkansas
December 2nd, 2009

"Last week I was in Lake Charles down to Cameron, this week I've been from Belle Chase to New Orleans and today in north of Baton Rouge. This system has worked flawlessly. Yesterday was a 13000 point topo on a levee and today I'm shooting single geo borings, this would have been a 4-5 day job the old RTK way."

Kimble from Vicksburg, Mississippi
May 21st, 2008

“It’s a no-brainer! You get the increased efficiencies and confidence for a fraction of the cost of even an entry-level field hand . It doesn’t take much business sense to figure that one out.”

Carl from Baton Rouge , Louisiana
March 24th, 2008

“For less than $20 a day how can you go wrong? You get a tie to the National CORS and a base station that follows you around!”

Jimmy from New Roads, Louisiana
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